The Product Gap

June 12, 2024

I've recently read a book by Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap, which is a great book by the way if you want to get a gist of creating good brands. But the core of the book is what I want to talk about.

In the book, he details the four steps of branding:

Differentiate -> Collaborate -> Innovate -> Validate

What I'm interested in is if we can take lessons from this to create a good product that people will love and use. So, lets go over each one,


To differentiate a brand is to discover "who you are". What this means is that we have to discover and define the brand's identity around people's experiences and feelings as a way to differentiate ourselves from other brands. Getting people to identify with our brand will naturally create communities around it that will love and promote it.

Similarly for digital products, across the endless sea of monotonous products and services that are almost indistinguishable, we have to differentiate to stand out. And just like with brands, we have to create a personal identity for our products that people can relate and identify with.